Sony SVO-9500MD SVHS Video Cassette Recorder

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The SVO-9500MD S-VHS recorder is specifically designed for
medical applications. Its digital frame memory provides a
noiseless, crystal clear “freeze” and is fully compatible with other
S-VHS (or VHS) tape recordings. Its compact design and optional
control via RS-232C or 34-pin interface provide convenient
integration with ultrasound, endoscopy and pathology systems.

■ Digital frame memory (field/frame
selectable, 8 bit depth) allows
noiseless, crystal clear “freeze”
■ Built-in time base corrector
produces stable color playback
clarity in freeze, normal play and
jog/shuttle modes
■ Outstanding luminance and
chrominance performance
■ IzzitOn™ System provides visual
recording confirmation
■ RS-232C serial (25 pin) or parallel
(34 pin) interface available
■ Remote control with jog/
shuttle available
■ Compact design
■ Quick response to all
operational commands
■ Simplified, user friendly
front panel
■ Selectable hi-fi audio
■ Automatic search to end of
last recording on tape
■ Industrial grade
transport mechanism
■ Auto head cleaning mechanism
■ UL 2601-1, EN 60601-1