Acuson 15L8W Linear Array Probe For Sequoia 512 and S2000

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This item was pulled from a working machine. It was tested at the time of procurement but we are no longer able to test it sicnc we no longer have the ultrasound machine in stock.

The Siemens Acuson 15L8W is a linear array ultrasound transducer probe that is used with the Acuson SEQUOIA series ultrasound systems. The Acuson 15L8W has a frequency range of 8 to 15 MHz and is used with multiple clinical applications including breast and small parts applications. You can purchase a used and fully refurbished Acuson 15L8W from Providian Medical.
Compatible with the Acuson Sequoia 512 and S2000.
This item is untested, please refer to the photos for the exact conditions of this item.

Linear array probe
Small parts and breast use
Frequency Range: 8.0 to 15.0 MHZ